Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Meth Has Ruined My Life!

So maybe it hasn't ruined my life....but for sure it has made some huge inconveniences for me. I am never shopping at Long's again. Or at least I am going to try not to. Whose lame idea was it to not allow parents to buy PediaCare for their sick child. Saturday at 7:45pm is not an unreasonable time of day to expect a "drug store" to sell drugs. I hate Long's. I hate the fact that it is the closest drug store to my house too. When I left Long's I drove to Walgreen's, which is where the clerk at Long's suggested I go, and bought the bottle of PediaCare there. By the way, does any one know how much Meth can be made with the drop of pseudoephedrine in PediaCare, and what the actual street value is? The clerk at Walgreen's didn't even know what pseudoephedrine was, nor was the medication behind the counter of the pharmacy. So I decided to drop $60 more on other lame junk I really don't need, but felt like buying to prove some undecipherable point.
I guess the point is, shouldn't a drug store be able to sell drugs while it is open. Seriously now, couldn't a manager hole a hot little key in their pocket for the RARE chance that a child, or adult for that matter, might get a cold outside of pharmacy hours. They can always tell the meth rats, "I'm sorry, I am only allowed to sell you one box of cold medicine at a time, you'll have to go to another store and buy more there to build up your stock pile."
Next time I am inviting the store manager over to sit with my daughter all night while she can't sleep so that I can.

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