Friday, February 24, 2006

So Hubbs and I have decided to start potty training SweetPea. Now, when I say start, I mean do the research and prep work and all that junk. Like how are we supposed to do this unimaginable task. Our pediatrician gave us a handout, and we are supposed to start by teaching her toileting words, and how to tell the difference between wet and dry. Which all that means is I can't be so lazy and have to change her diaper more often.
Anyway, we also need to get a potty chair. Now since I love the internet I do all my window shopping and research online before I walk out the door. Consumer Reports is usually very helpful, but not as much this time. So I surfed over to Epinions, another goldmine of a site, and laughed so hard I had to literally get-up from the computer.
I mean, let's face it, kids are fun, pottty humor is pretty darn fun, now put them together, what a beautiful recipe (when you are reading about it and not involved in it of course.) I could not stop the tears from flowing. It was seriously funny.

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