Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleepy Time

It can be a challenge sometimes to get SweetPea to go to bed. So I made this chart in hopes that is may help things along. SweetPea usually doesn't have as much trouble staying in bed as procrastinating getting there. So for us the "stayed in bed" part includes going with out much fuss. Basically she picks an animal and uses the animal to get to go through the bedtime routine. She can gallop like a horse, hop like a bunny, etc.

I also made this chart to help teach her a little about reading clocks and when her bedtime is. She can compare the chart to the clock above it. When they look the same it is time to start the bedtime routine.

Finally, I have been making some blankets as baby gifts. My mother-in-law has made similar blankets for all of my kids and they are so handy. I thought they would make great gifts. Now I just need to get them to all of their new owners. Some of them have been waiting for a little too long.

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