Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fairy Wings and Tutus

Recently, SweetPea had a birthday party to go to. We thought it would be a fun gift to give her fairy wings and a tutu. So SweetPea helped me to make them for her friend. I have directions below on how we did it.
First we made the wings. You start by taking two wire hangers and breaking the hook off the top. This was pretty easy. I just bent it back and forth until it just popped off.

Then I used some duct tape to tape the two hangers together where I had broken off the hooks.

I then folded the hangers together to make them point backwards a bit. It just looked better than them being flat.

Then I gave them a bit of shape as best I could.

Next i took a pair of Kids tights. I couldn't find adult pantyhose in white. I cut the legs off right where the pantie began. I then slid one leg over each wing and tied them in the center.

Next I cut the leg openings of the pantie off to make "straps" for the wings. I just slipped the loops over the wings. And Finally I tied a big daisy in the center to cover the knot and tape. I added a few extra ribbons and glued smaller daisies to the ends of the ribbon. I think I turned out really cute.

The tutu is really easy. I have made several of these for SweetPea in different colors.

Usually I use a piece of ribbon or elastic, or a bit of both so they slip on and off pretty easily without me having to tie and untie tutus all day long. But this time I used the waistband of the tights I used on the wings. It worked out perfectly.

You simply tie strips of tulle and ribbon onto the waistband. You can buy tulle by the yard and cut the strips, but I personally like to find the tulle that is sold on a roll. It is about 6" wide which is a great width. First you want to decide the length of the skirt. I made this one about 18". So I had to cut strips 36" long because you fold them in half to tie them. You tie them by folding the strip in half and looping around the waistband and pulling the ends through the loop. I took a picture using ribbon because it is easier to see what I mean than to use the tulle.

I usually tie 2-3 pieces of tulle or ribbon at once. Then you keep tying strips all the way around the waistband until the tutu is as dense as you want.
I also found it is easier putting the waistband around my thigh while tying the tulle. I find it fun to come up with themes for the tutu, changing colors, lengths, densities, materials. You can also play with the shape. Varying lengths of the strips or how you cut the ends. The yellow and white one Kiah is wearing with the wings above used about 1.5 rolls. It was not as dense as some tutus I have made, but I thought it was great for a fairy.

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