Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Product Review - NasalClear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

Here is my review on
Or, here it is written out!
"After the birth of my second child I was told about the Graco's NasalClear battery operated nasal aspirator. I thought it sounded like a neat tool, but not really worth the money. Especially since I had a couple of free nasal aspirating bulbs that I had gotten for free from the hospital. But after the birth of my third child I decided to give it a try, especially since we had already been through a bout of RSV.
"After using it, all I could ask myself was "Why didn't I buy this sooner?" I can't even explain the number of physical battles of will and power I had with my first two children over clearing their noses. Luckily, my very strong son learned at an early age how to blow his nose. I try not to kick myself too hard for not buying the NasalClear for them.My youngest has benefited greatly from the NasalClear. She hardly makes a peep when we have to use it. If she does get a little restless I just turn the music on. (yes, it plays music!)
"And the music seems to do the trick to help calm the nerves to get the job done. It is so much faster using the NasalClear too. And the aspirator only has to be inserted one time, as compared to the repetition of squeeze insert release, repeat of a traditional aspirator. I find it to be much more sanitary. I don't have to expel anything into a tissue, or fidget with the traditional bulb under the faucet, unsure as to how clear it is ACTUALLY getting. The Nasal Clear is easy to clean.
"There is another company that makes a similar product. As far as I could tell it uses a small balloon/bulb that is disposable for the reservoir. I chose the NasalClear because I didn't want to have to buy replacement parts all the time, and make sure I had them on hand and in the right place. Not to mention I hate creating more trash, just more for me to lug to the curb. "

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