Monday, June 15, 2009

How to prune a tree in the South!

1. Wait for severe weather
2. Hide in a safe place
3. clean yard of all debris

This truly works. Now, be aware that the "gardner" isn't very precise, or tidy, of kind, or convenient, or an actual gardner! However, Many trees and branches will be removed from their former location.

On Friday I was playing a game on the computer with SweetPea when I heard the city sirens screech, and no, I don't me some slutty girls singing to entice us all to danger, though, there was danger of another kind. I quickly got up and explained to SweetPea we could no longer play the game and she was to get her socks and shoes on. (to tell you the truth, we all had to get out of our PJs) So I got clothes out for everyone and we quickly got dressed and ready. I gathered the all weather radio, some snacks, water and books. I woke Eli up and we went and hid in the bathroom. Just as I was walking into the bathroom the power went out. So I told the kids to stay there and I went to get flash light, candles and matches. When i returned to the bathroom I realize Banana seriously needed a diaper change. I attempted to change it with the diapers I brought into the bathroom, but I didn't have wet wipes and the TP wasn't cutting it. So I went back out to grab the wet wipes and hand sanitizer. I also thought I should check how bad it was outside and see if I needed to take down wind chimes and hanging plants. As soon as I opened the storm door, I quickly went back inside. It was eerily calm, too calm. (I've seen the movies, that is never a good sign)

We spent awhile in the bathroom singing songs reading books and listening to the radio. The kids didn't enjoy the radio part. We were able to talk to Hubbs a few times. He was safe and sound.

After the warning passed we left the bathroom, but we waited awhile before we ventured outside. We did finally go outside to see all the work the "gardner" had done. It took us a couple of days to collect all the branches and haul them to the curb.

We spent Friday evening checking in on our neighbors. We all lost electricity and the poser company was saying it would be a couple of days before we got it back. Friday night stayed cool, but Saturday was ugly.

As for our fridge and freezer, Friday night we bought up a bunch of ice and packed the top shelves with ice. Then on Saturday our Home Teacher let use his generator. Thank you!

We had to come up with fun things to do without electricity. We also had to figure out how to see in the dark more efficiently, how to keep cool, how to warm bottles for Banana, and how to clean sippy cups and bottles.

As for bottle warming we found placing a bottle of water in the hot car for a bit warmed the water to make a bottle. We ended-up buying a small camping stove. We could then warm water for bathing the kids, and washing dishes. We also used it to warm bottles as well.

On Saturday we were able to watch the dump trucks come around and collect all the branches and trees the gardner pruned. It was amazing to watch the operator move the massive claw around to pick-up everything. It was impressive how exact he was. The next door neighbors tree was hit by lightening again. (3rd time in less than a year) I just hope the tree stays standing because if it falls, our tree will be the new lightening rod. I could not believe the number of tree that were lost during the storm. It was hard to get in and out of our neighborhood. It was worse at night because we had to street lights, or any lights at all, for that matter, other than the head lights. I never really realized before how much ambient light I use to drive at night. Saturday night we VERY muggy. I filled some spray bottles with water and misted myself throughout the night. Banana was miserable. She wasn't eating well and she developed a nasty cough. So Hubbs to her and slept with her in the van. He turned it on and let the a/c run. It wasn't as comfortable cushion wise, but much more comfortable temperature wise.

We dined out a lot. Chick-fil-A is great. It was cool and the kids could run around.

We did finally get power back on Sunday afternoon. It is so nice to have electricity! Next time I think I will hire an arborist!


  1. It's one thing to plan a camping trip compared to having it thrust upon you. I am sooooo glad you are all safe and sound!

  2. I had no idea you were out of power - we would have had you come camp over! I'm glad you survived that!

  3. Hey Luna! This is Tess Frost, Paul Frost's wife. Where in the South are you living? We are in NC, only a few miles from SC. We have family in MS.

    Your kids are darling. Sorry you guys have been so sick. We had a baby boy in Oct 2008 too and he was sick for the first 6 months of his life. Seriously. Continuously. I thought I would never sleep again. That's it for fall and winter babies for me. The rest of 'em are comin' in the spring and summer!