Monday, June 1, 2009


Bubba has always been a great sleeper. It has been such a blessing in so many ways. Though it does come at a price at times. He can be a bit ridged with aspects of it. For example.... he wants to just lie down, no holding, no fuss, no muss. Some of you might say "that sounds wonderful." and you would be right, most of the time. But let's say you are at church and there is NO place to "just lie down" AND he gets super cranky when he doesn't get his sleep. So it can be problematic.

For awhile he had to have his blanket, aptly named "red" for its red color. He would drag "Red" around with him everywhere like Linus. He really had to have it after he had tubes put in his ears. I think it was traumatic for him.

Anyway, recently he has eased-up on Red. But he picked up a new item. Steve!

let me give you a bit of history on Steve. Steve is a camel. I know, not the name you would think of for a camel, but that is what Bubba picked. Steve is actually my camel. It was given to me by my father as a Christmas gift (I believe in 2001.) He is about 18" tall and is more of a large figurine than a toddler toy. He is not plush or soft in any manner. He is cover in leather with black glass eyes. I am not sure why my father felt I needed an 18" camel, maybe he intended for me to start a nativity scence, but that is hard to imagine. There are only two reason my father gave me the camel. 1.) he wanted to see my reaction to such an unusual gift. This is quite often the reasoning behind many gifts in my family. It isn't unheard of for my family to buy the most bizarre and useless (at least to the person receiveing it) gift we can find. For the most part, we have all our needs met, so it is just frivolous, albeit neat/great/fun/welcomed stuff at times. As an example, I think the year before (2000) he gave me a HUGE cooking pot. I am talking HUGE, like something you cook a medium sized animal in, OUTSIDE! Or you could bathe a small child in it. Notice the trike next to it so you can have a size comparison.

2.) He remembered a conversation I had about future interior decoarting I envisioned for my future house. The funny part about that is, It isn't anything I plan on doing anymore. Needs and desires change as you grow-up and have kids.

Regardless of the reasoning, I now have this camel. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it ever since I received it. I have tried to donated it on several occasions, but Hubbs always stops me, for what reason, I am not sure. Well, the last time I had it in the donation pile bubba found it and decided it was a great toy. He pretended to ride it all around the house. He would sit on it and scoot it everywhere. I tried to get a picture, but he was just too fast for it to turn out.

He will take the camel with him all over the house.

He even decied it is his new bed buddy. Remember, it is not a soft toy.

I decided to ask Bubba what his camel's name was. He said "Steve!"

So I guess Steve is a part of my life now. Thanks Dad!


  1. That's funny - especially since he is isn't soft. I think it is good for kids to have something they really love!

  2. That is so cute. I love that your family gives funny gifts. I remember being with you when you bought your dad a huge Pez dispenser once.

  3. That Kermit the Frog Pez Dispenser has a proud position amongst all the toys on top of Dad's closet