Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have some VERY funny friends. They have a way of making me laugh so much. Honestly, probably too much. So much so I have been known to wet my pants. I am not afraid to admit that people! I can't control it, it just happens, ok! And before you start telling me to get the kegels going, I know! It helps, but it isn't perfect. I think the problem is I laugh too hard. I LOVE to laugh. It feels so great. I don't care if I laugh loud or I laugh dorky! I LOVE TO LAUGH.

But honestly, that really has nothing to do with the actual point of this post. The point starts with one of my friends. He is so funny. I remember a time when we went out for Chinese food and we finished our meal and we were all opening our fortune cookies. We went around the table reading our fortunes, and when it got to his turn he said (in an increasingly perplexed voice) "Help! Help! I am trapped in a fortune cookie sweat shop!" I laughed so hard! Too funny!

Anyway. Sometimes I feel like I am trapped in a fortune cookie sweat shop. Other than the whole fortune cookie thing. And I guess I don't really live in a sweat shop either. Maybe I feel more like I am trapped in a fortune cookie itself! Like I can't get out but I can see everyone else outside my sealed cellophane wrapper.

For the last half a year we have been battling so many illnesses. I have stuck thermometers in more rectums in the last few months than I care to count. I have used multiple bottles of various disinfectants. I think pediatricians office is going to put me on the payroll soon, cuz it feels like I am there enough to earn a pay check. To add to it, Hubbs needs time to study. I hear about all these neat things people are doing and fun places to go, and I just can't seems to get out of the cellophane.

I am determined to make this the last week of fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, back pain, post-nasal drip, chills, ear infection, or any other malady that could befall our home. I don't want to go to another lab or walk-in clinic. I don't want to call any on-call doctors. I don't want to go to anymore hospitals. I don't want to wait for anyone to call me back with results. I don't want to go to the pharmacy again.

I just want health! I want a pain-free symptom-free life. I want to go somewhere that doesn't require (or at least prefer) an appointment. I want to use all the membership cards I have in my wallet. I want to feel safe to visit with other people again.

I just want my life off of hold. I want to rip through the cellophane!

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