Thursday, May 7, 2009

I hate it when...

I am lying in bed trying to remember something and I just can't. It happened to me tonight. I was trying so hard to remember someone's named. I was trying so hard it made me laugh. Normally I would just shrug it off and fall asleep. Actually, it usually doesn't keep me up at ll. I fall asleep SOOOOO quickly, but for some reason it was bothering me tonight. I guess it should. Here is why.

Oh... It just popped into my head. Literally right this moment. I feel so much better.

But let me explain why it bothered me.

I consider my family pretty close. I talk to my mom almost daily. I talk to my dad a few times a month. I don't talk to my brother as much, but that has a lot to do with him not verbalizing to me much. I always feel the conversation is one sided. He also keeps weird hours because he works nights. My point is we don't not talk, we just don't talk a lot.

So earlier I got a phone call from my mom, not unusual. The conversation, unusual.

Mom: Your brother has something to tell you.
Brother: I got married, in February.
Luna: Oh. Congratulations. I don't know what else to say.

You see, I was a little shocked, since it is MAY. I really can't say much about the Eloping thing, since Hubbs and I eloped, but at least we told our parents the same day. We actually had a date set. booked, planned for 2 weeks later, so we used it for the reception and a nice little ring ceremony for everyone to see. Most people probably figured it was the wedding. But my brother waited MONTHS to spill the beans, and even then, apparently, my mom had to drag it out of him. Her Mom-sense said soemthing was hinky.

So whose name could I not remember? My new/old Sister-in-Law's. Which I now remember, but I don't even know how to spell it. Is it with a "u" or a "w", 1 "n" or 2. Maybe I leave out both the "u" and the "w" I have only met her once. Not a HUGE shock since I live halfway across the country from them, but that one night we had dinner at our parent's house and she wouldn't even make eye contatc with me.

The phone call ended with my brother saying they were picking out China and Crystal. WHAT!?


  1. lol ... they aren't picking out crystal and china ... your brother was helping me sort the chine and crystal and get them into protective storage cases.

    As usual, Thursday my standing lunch date with your uncle. Your brother joined us. Your uncle was surprised and amused ... like the rest of us. When you think about it, it's just like your brother: surprise and amuse

  2. That is hilarious! I loved reading it and I'm so happy I found your blog.