Sunday, May 10, 2009

What do you do on YOUR week off?

This last week Hubbs had the week off from school. I had a nice long list of things for us to do, with a possible trip down South as well. Well, hardly anything got done. Unfortunately Saturday night Bubba surprised us with so diarrhea. YAY! Then Sunday morning he puked all over as we were walking out the door for church. So back in the door we went. Sunday night Chris got it. Monday I got it. Tuesday SweetPea woke-up puking. Luckily it seemed to pass quickly. We ended-up using our carpet cleaner so many times. I cleaned-up almost every bodily fluid possible during the week. Finally the week was wrapping-up. But Bubba had more surprised left for us.

As I was getting ready in the morning, specifically in the shower, SweetPea announced that Buba was stinky. I sighed and told her I would take care of it in a minute. SweetPea was very insistent so I opened the shower door and saw Bubba was standing in a brown puddle. Shocked, I pulled Bubba into the shower with me and pulled his diaper off at which point a huge splash of brown liquid of NO form splashed all over both of us. After hosing us down and choking back heave after heave, I threw a towel on the problem on the bathroom floor and I began to take Bubba to his room to attempt another diaper in case the flood gates opened again. That is when I found the problem was bigger than I realized. Hubbs soon heard ALL about it. There was a 50 ft trail of diarrhea running through the house, with a HUGE lake by the front door. As cleaning-up I found Bubba's bed covered in dry puke, apparently form the night before. I had to wash the bed sheets in the kids room for the 4th time that week.

Let me just say that the house was steeped in an unpleasant scent. It was not y favorite week. At least I had help cleaning up.


  1. oh yuck! you poor thing - and poor baby! is he ok? and did you ever find out what it was that made him sick? we have never had a mess like that to clean up thank heavens - smaller ones, yes, but never as big as that! and good for you for having a carpet cleaner in the house all the time. what a blessing to have your hubby around to lean on. those unexpected messes can be sooo trying on a mama's nerves.

  2. That is grosser than gross! I totally feel for you, at least you got to take him into the shower real quick!!!

    I read this yesterday, sorry hadn't had time to comment on it yet.

    I hope this week is much healthier for you all!