Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Sick!

Why are we so sick. I just hope the second half of 2009 is healthier than the 1st half. I know the first half isn't over yet, but seriously, we need a game changer!

Just about everyone has had an ear infection. (we finally got tubes in Bubba's ears, he is starting to talk more now.) Everyone had the flu at least once, most of us twice. They thought Bubba had dysentery, I thought it was giardia, but it turns out it was nothing. We finally got the test results, it was all negative. (BTW I HATED getting that sample. Nothing like poring a sample out of a diaper into a cup) Let me remind you of a previous post on the matter. It cleared-up. Either the antibiotics or it just times out on its own.

Now Banana has had a fever for over a week. She acts basically normal. A little fussy, but not bad. But since it had been 7 days we took her in to see the Doc. Her blood counts were crazy out of whack. We put her on antibiotic too. It seems to be a bit better.

Of course all three kids ended-up with eye infections. I don't think it was Pink eye, but it was something. SweetPea looked the word. It looked like she had gone a couple rounds in a boxing ring. The circles under her eyes were SOOOO dark. Her lids were so swollen when she got up in the morning, she could hardly open them. All the kids HATE the drops. It takes 2 of us to pin them down and pry their eyes open. Luckily it is clearing quickly.

But of course the next day (you know, the one where we went and saw the doc) SweetPea began to complain of ear pain. She was whining and writhing on the bed as she tried to sleep. So she went back. Strep! Yuck.

As for me... well, cleaning all the bodily fluids up off the floor and cradling little ones I guess took its toll, because I hurt my back big time. I spent about 5 days in bed, unable to walk. Well, I could walk, but only if I walked bent over like a fallin' "L." So off to the doctor I went. Some prescription pain meds and muscle relaxants and more time in bed finally made it possible for me to raise form the dead. Only to wish i could climb back in. The house was awful. Holy Cow.

Ain't no Sunshine when it rains. And it seems to be rainin hard right now. I mean that both literally and figuratively.


  1. What are Banana's other symptoms? Is the fever gone? does she still have pink eye? I know I'm totally paranoid, but I thought BK had pink eye too.

    I really hope you guys all get better. I feel so bad reading about what you're going through. Thank goodness it is summer. Does Hubbs get any summer time off?

  2. No summers off. But I think we are turning a corner. At least I hope so. We should be with all the meds that are floating around.

    Banana had a fever and eventually a cough. The chest x-ray was clear. There was a bit of congestion, but not much.

  3. We went through the ringer about the same time. Tyler, Micah and Jacob were all sick. I was well, so it wasn't too hard to take care of everyone. As soon as everyone else was well again I got it. Bad sore throat, fever and CONSTANT headache. Anyway, I'm enjoying catching up on your posts!