Tuesday, April 21, 2009

9 Mommy Confessions

Through my Mommy-ing I have heard many confessions from Mom's on how they get through the day. Some I have done myself, some I wish i had thought of. Here is a list of 9 I thought were noteworthy. Please add to the list to help us all feel a little better. Post anonymously if you like, or pretend you heard of someone through someone. But please know, we all know it was you anyway! (here is a real confession I made)

1. I have turned on (or up) the radio in the car so I can't hear my whining/crying/fussing/jabbering child

2. I have used the Television as an electronic babysitter

3. I have put off (or maybe forgotten) to feed my child a major meal

4. I have forgotten to schedule check-ups for so long, I have to skip to the next check-up.

5. I have dug clothes out of the dirty laundry because I got a little behind on the laundry

6. I have put my child to bed without brushing their teeth

7. I have bribed my child with candy...lots, and Lots, and LOTS of candy.

8. I have given in to my child, just to stop the whining.

9. I have left my child in their PJs for over 48 hours, and they weren't even sick.


  1. These are cute! I'm sure there are many, many confessions we can make as moms. Let's see....I have taken candy out of their Halloween/Christmas/Easter candy stashes! :)

  2. I'll think of some and be back...right now my brain is mush...but I have some.