Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Before Naptime

This morning I woke up to the mess in my previous post. About the time I get all cleaned up I hear my phone ring. It is a reminder alarm that in 15 minutes I need to have Bubba at the doctor's office for a recheck of his ear tubes. What? Why do I only have a 15 min notice. I apparently didn't look very closely when I set the alarm, or I thought "I'll remember this!" So I call reschedule for an hour later.

I find the kids watching morning cartoons and Bubba has snot running down his face. He then sneezes and the biggest snot wad I have seen lads on the coffee table. Are you kidding me, now? I throw some clothes on everyone, throw the kids int he car and drive over to the doctor. Now, when I walk into a location with all the kids, people have similar reactions. I am usually wearing Banana. I can be carrying, chasing after, or holding Bubba's hand. And I am usually telling SweetPea to either slow down, hold my hand, or speed-up. So at first people think "How cute" cuz they see Banana smiling and content, but then they take in the whole picture. They never quite know what to say. This day was no different. I walk in, the kids were REALLY good. Then they got comfortable. Bubba proceeded to "sweep" their floors by army crawling under ever line of chairs he could find. SweetPea pulled out all the books. Such a hassle for a 2 min appointment. I mean seriously, all they did was look in his ears!

As we were leaving SweetPea begins to talk about McDonald's since it is conveniently next door. I lied and told her it wasn't open yet. She then begins to state she want sot visit Hubbs at school and have lunch. I call, no go. Everyone begins to meltdown in the car. I turn up the radio and sing away with Lady Gaga. I get an idea. How about the store. I need to pick-up a few things to complete my Daring Baker challenge. Everyone is agreeable to the shopping trip. I find a parking spot with a cart next to it, Perfect! I strap Banana on, as I put Bubba int he cart I realize the seat is missing and the wire is jabbing him in the leg. So he starts to complain. SweetPea is complaining because she can't be in the cart at all and has to walk. I drag everyone over to a new cart, switch Bubba to the new cart. When I realize I now have a crowd of people watching the events. At which point SweetPea loudly asks "Why is everyone so old?" The crowd scurries away, as if not to be caught being old and watching. All except one woman you proceeds to tell me about her daughter who is pregnant currently with her third boy, to which I have no idea what to say.

About half way through the store and an argument about what type of crackers to buy, which actually has nothing to do with the crackers, but how the crackers are served on the box. SweetPea has to go potty. What? I wait by the bathroom with the cart full of groceries, Banana and Bubba. We now head over to the eggs. EGGS! Oh no. We have a Mom's Group activity to dye Easter Eggs in 45 min. We speed through the check out. I drive home. I find out when I get home not only did I not lock the door, I didn't even shut it, but one less step to do at this point. I print out directions, grab a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter for lunch.

We get there on time. luckily I still have a blanket still in the car from another picnic event. We dye eggs and eat lunch. I am finally able to give a baby gift to someone I have been meaning to for weeks. I get some CDs from someone else, but of course I forgot to write her a check. I spill a plate of fried rice on my lap. Bubba dumps a can of soda all down his front then sits in my new plate of rice. Nice! Time to go. I strip Bubba down to his diaper. Drive home and put my groceries away. Nap time!


  1. Funny, funny ... I love your stories. Brings back memories of when I was a Mom with little kids ...

  2. I love that you write about everyday things. It makes me realized that I am not the only one who deals with screaming children in quiet places with people staring. We had that this morning because Keira doesn't know the difference between the book STORE and the Library, and didn't understand why she couldn't read all the books, with people sipping their beverages reading quietly. Not us, for sure.