Wednesday, April 22, 2009

United Airlines Cuts the Fat

United Airlines has announced they will begin to charge Obese patrons for 2 seats. (here is an article from the Chicago tribune) They are supposed to actually get 2 seats then. United Airlines reported they have received over 700 complaints from passengers complaining that someone was spilling over into their seat. It will be up to the airline attendants discretion as to whether a person needs to go back and fork out more dough. I think I read somewhere that the rule of thumb was if the seat belt extender is not enough of an extension. (for those of you that don't know, the little demo belt to show you how to use the seat belt properly is actually an extender to make the belt bigger for those that need it.) If there are not 2 seats available, or a seat in business class they will be have to take a later flight that can "accommodate" them.

So here are my thoughts. Do you have to pay extra if the person next to you doesn't care, like your travel companion (ex: spouse, child)? Do they get to take extra luggage because they paid for a seat? Can I just pay for half a seat for my small child?

I guess many other airlines (not that there are that many anymore) already have similar policies.

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